The power of the Rosary

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The power of the holy Rosary

In these times of global worry and anxiety when we can feel powerless, we have to remember that as Christians we believe that in our hands is a greater power than we can imagine. It is the power of prayer. Countless times throughout the centuries faithful Catholics have interceded with God in times of national calamity, international crisis and personal struggle, and found a loving and merciful response from heaven. Apart from the powerful prayer of the sacrifice of the Mass, the holy Rosary of Our Lady has proven an extraordinary weapon and comfort again and again. It has been heavens chain that has pulled countless numbers of people out of anxiety and difficulty. And why should this surprise us? Did not Our Lord Himself teach us about Mary’s powerful intercession at the wedding feast at Cana, His very first public miracle? And at the foot of the Cross, in that great moment of salvation for the world, did not Jesus give us His Mother to be our Mother as He declared: “Behold your Mother”? (John 19:27)

Our Lady, appearing to the three shepherd children of Fatima, implored us to pray for the peace of the world. Again and again, with a mother’s concerned love, she asked us to especially use the power of the prayer of the holy rosary to call down the grace and mercy of heaven on our so often suffering world.

As we worry about this crisis of the coronavirus, let us remember that with the power of all our spiritual communions with all the Masses being offered here in the Friary and around our country, and with the weapon of the holy Rosary in our hands, we are not powerless. So if you pray the daily Rosary as part of your spiritual life, pick it up today with renewed confidence in it’s power before Jesus. If you haven’t prayed it much or at all, our heavenly Mother invites you to discover the comfort and power of this great prayer for God’s mercy, protection and comfort. As Sr Lucia of Fatima said; “There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot solve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary”. So, brothers and sisters in Christ, listen to Jesus’ words. Behold our Mother. Go to her and help yourself and the world by picking up her Rosary.

Our Lady, Queen of the holy Rosary, pray for us

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